Tuppenny Road  

On April 25 each year we commemorate Anzac Day to recognise, remember and reflect on the contributions and sacrifices of Australians in many wars and conflicts. Some of those contributions are acknowledged through built monuments and landmarks such as the Port Macquarie War Memorial, however others are less well known. Tuppenny Road at Flynn’s Beach is one such example.

Small Road Big Story  

Tuppenny Road is a small road with a big story. The road was instigated by Robert (Bob) Stanfield, publican of the Royal Hotel and President of the Port Macquarie Surf Club, as part of plans to beautify Flynn’s Beach including the erection of a surf clubhouse. The road was dedicated to the men of the Surf Club who served during World War 2, in memory of their great deeds and valour. 

Fund Raising

Bob Stanfield came up with idea of fund raising for the projects by charging 1 shilling instead of 10 pence for a packet of cigarettes, with the two pence change going into collection boxes at the Royal Hotel. There were also many donations far exceeding two pence. 

Road Works

Work on the road commenced in December 1944 with a bulldozer cutting the roadway from one end of Flynn’s Beach to the other through virgin scrub. Apart from serving the necessary purpose of a drive down to the beach, the new road was described as a ‘scenic wonder’. Bob Stanfield personally supervised the building of the road which was initially gravelled.

Official Opening

Tuppenny Road was officially opened on Sunday 8 April 1945 at a picnic day and impromptu surf carnival with water and beach events attended by Minister for Lands, Hon. J. M. Tully, Sir Earle Page, the mayor and mayoress, Ald. C. A. and Mrs. Ryan, several aldermen and a large gathering of the public. Bob Stanfield spoke with pride at the opening: ‘…This road has been built for the boys of the surf club who are away fighting for you and me. Some 72 of 74 active members have enlisted and we want to show them we have not been inactive whilst they were away. 

Tuppence Donations

A humble start has been made with tuppence in the box for cigarettes, and in this way some £500 was collected. Along with donations and proceeds from other entertainments £1200 was put together in 12 months. £500 has been placed in the Third Victory Loan – nucleus to the clubhouse fund. The balance of the money has been expended on the road…’

Surf Life Saving Club 

The foundation stone for the Port Macquarie Surf Life Saving Clubhouse was laid on Sunday 2 October, 1955, when the two-storey brick building was half completed. It was officially opened in January 1956.  

War Monument 

Next time you drive down Tuppenny Road please give all those who served in World War 2 a  moment of your thoughts. 

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<b>Tuppenny Road&nbsp;&nbsp;</b>
View from southern end of Tuppenny Road, looking north across Flynn's Beach, 1971
Port Macquarie Museum Revealing Port Macquarie's historical past and revealing it's stories since 1957
Southern end of Flynn's Beach showing reconstruction and realignment of Tuppenny Road, 1960s
Port Macquarie Museum Revealing Port Macquarie's historical past and revealing it's stories since 1957
Flynn's Beach showing Tuppenny Road and Surf Club, 1966
Port Macquarie Museum Revealing Port Macquarie's historical past and revealing it's stories since 1957
Busy day at Flynn's Beach showing crowds on beach and cars parked along Tuppenny Road