Birrpai  Beyond the Lens of Thomas Dick

Explores the relationship between the photographer and his Aboriginal subjects, and their lives. Written by John Heath.
Paperback, 120 pages including illustrations. Published 2018, reprinted 2021.

Healing the Spirit

A Birrpai perspective on the Port Macquarie Penal Colony and its aftermath. Written by Bob Davis and John Heath.
Paperback, 173 pages including illustrations. Published 2021.

Port Macquarie’s First Convicts

The founding of the Port Macquarie penal settlement in f 1821 and notes on the convict volunteers sent to build the initial infrastructure. Written by Clive Smith
Paperback, 100 pages. Published 2021.

Return to Lake Innes

Annabella Innes’ original journal from 1848 and letters she wrote on her return in 1853. Edited by Clive Smith.
Paperback, 98 pages including illustrations. Published 2020.