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Comings and Goings

Comings and Goings is an exhibition exploring life’s milestones and how these are celebrated and remembered. Featuring christening, bridal and mourning fashions, keepsakes and photographs the exhibition examines how we mark the significant events in our lives. 

Arcade of Shops

The Arcade of Shops with its quaint shop windows displays a themed selection of objects used by our early free settlers to more recent times. Displays include 'Fine China', ‘Keeping Time’, ‘Accessorize’ , ‘Trash and Treasure’, Music, ‘Good Sports’, ‘Toy Shop’ and the 'Post and Telegraph Office'. 


Celebrating Oxley

2018 marks two hundred years since Surveyor General John Oxley and his party arrived at the Hastings and named the place we know today as Port Macquarie. This exhibition explores some of the people and events associated with local Oxley celebrations over the past centenary.





Timber! tells the story of timber-getting, milling and the everyday lives of timber workers in the Hastings. The timber trade is the area’s oldest commercial industry and was once the main source of employment and wealth for the region.  

Our Rivers Our History

Revealing stories of our rich river and maritime history. You can explore this award winning online exhibition anytime http://www.oroh.com.au/

World War 1 at Home

Commemorating the Centenary of Anzac, this exhibition tells the stories of local World War I enlistees and the impacts of the war on them, their families and the local community.

Rub a Dub Dub

Inspired by our very own in-ground water tank, this exhibition explores the use of water in local domestic life. Keeping clean was hard work! 

Port Macquarie Beginnings

This permanent exhibition tells the story of Port Macquarie’s beginnings. From the home of the Birpai people, to British discovery in 1818, then settlement as a penal establishment in 1821 through to free settlement from 1830.

Innes -The Man and his Mansion

This permanent exhibition features a scale model of Lake Innes House, Port Macquarie’s once prestigious home built between 1830 and 1843 by Archibald Clunes Innes. Objects from the house and family give an insight into life at the once grand colonial estate.

Federation Comes to Port

Discover the story of Port Macquarie’s important role in the history of Australia’s Federation. Why is there a statue of Edmund Barton, Australia’s first Prime Minister on Port Macquarie’s Town Green? Visit the exhibition to find out!

Costume Gallery

Inspired by Annabella Boswell’s journals, the costume gallery exhibits many local women’s crafts, textiles and costumes from our significant and extensive collection. Contemporary clothing is also featured.

All Afloat

Port Macquarie has a rich and unique maritime history. All afloat features a snap shot of our many maritime activities and disasters, from the wrecking of Ben Boyd’s yacht The Wanderer in 1851 to regattas on the Hastings River.